Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics
Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics
Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics
Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics
Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics
Magic Tape Pack of 5 - Gamma Electronics

Magic Tape Pack of 5

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Sold in packs of 5

Revolutionize Your Weatherproofing with Magic Tape – Embrace the future of sealing and protection with our innovative Magic Tape. This self-amalgamating tape is a game-changer in the world of weatherproofing, offering a seamless, adhesive-free solution.

Self-Vulcanizing Technology – Our Magic Tape is not your ordinary tape. It employs a unique chemical process where two layers vulcanize into a single, permanent entity. This technology eliminates the need for adhesive and does not require heat for installation, making it a superior choice often referred to as "self-vulcanizing tape" or "cold shrink tape."

Ethylene Propylene Rubber Construction – Crafted from high-quality Ethylene Propylene Rubber, Magic Tape boasts exceptional weather-resistant properties. It provides outstanding temperature resistance and moisture sealing, ensuring unbeatable protection against corrosion.

Versatile Applications – Magic Tape is an indispensable tool in the telecommunications industry, commonly used on remote radio units and antennas. Its ease of application makes it perfect for weatherproofing electrical and coaxial connections. Additionally, it serves as an efficient solution for repairing cable jackets.

Unmatched Weatherproofing Capabilities – Magic Tape stands out by offering protection against moisture, UV rays, ozone, and fungus in a single product. Unlike traditional methods like tape and butyl that require multiple layers and products, Magic Tape only needs to overlap itself for a complete, watertight seal. This simplicity saves time and ensures reliable, watertight results when installed correctly.

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