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Aerospace Industry

Gamma Products and Services Designed for the Aerospace Industry

Some of Gamma Electronics earliest customers are those from the military and aerospace industries, (often referred to as mil-aero).  We’re proud that over the years our heat shrink has been approved and utilized by companies like Bell Helicopter, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.  Our Heat shrink tubing meets the high standards necessary for the aerospace industry and has proven itself by standing the test of time.

In our time working with aerospace customers we heard a common theme as they needed quality heat shrink tubing that they could label and/or print on.  Not only were we able to produce flat heat shrink ideal for printing but we also began offering heat shrink printing services, (technically called thermal transfer printing), where we would print on heat shrink for our customers.  Additionally, we also have our own line of thermal transfer printers available for purchase.  These printers are designed specifically for printing on heat shrink tubing and come with our own, proprietary software, Gamma Label.

Our combination of quality heat shrink tubing, thermal transfer printers, and printing software, has resulted in Gamma Electronics becoming a leader in the heat shrink labeling/identification market.  We have been able to broaden our printing capabilities beyond heat shrink and now also offer various forms of labels, all of which are able to be printed on using our printers and software.

Gamma Electronics is committed to providing solutions for the aerospace industry and you can see some of our aerospace specific products and services below.



Telecommunications Industry

Gamma Products and Services Designed for the Telecommunications Industry

Imagine that you work for a telecommunications company that is struggling with recurring and rising maintenance costs.  On top of the maintenance issue imagine that installing new towers, which already take days to deploy, are taking longer than expected, eating futher into your bottom line.  These were the exact issues that AT&T was facing when they came to us, looking for solutions, back in 2015.  Unfortunately, these issues continue to plague many telecommunications companies today.

In our discussions with AT&T we learned that they were struggling to quickly and effectively weatherproof the dozens upon dozens of connections they have up on each of their towers.  Poorly weatherproofed connections result in a variety of problems, problems that impact service and lead to maintenance costs.  Commonly used weatherproofing solutions, like tape and butyl, also proved difficult to install and unable to provide longterm protection.  AT&T liked the idea of cold shrink tubing but the options on the market in 2015 were lacking as they were not able to provide the watertight seal that AT&T needed.

That’s what drove us to develop silicone cold shrink tubing, which, with its incredible shrink ratio, provides an IP68 rated watertight seal.  The IP68 seal provided by our cold shrink tubing is so watertight in fact, that we are able to dunk connections in water for over 30 minutes, more than a meter deep, with no water leaking into the connection, (learn more about the IP rating system here).  Additionally, our silicone cold shrink tubing has incredible weather resistance properties, including its ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -76 degrees farenheit, up to 446 degrees farenheit.

Needless to say, AT&T was impressed.  AT&T was quick to approve two silicone cold shrink models, the SDL-1A-125 and the SDL-DC-152.  These two parts proved, and continue to prove, to be superior to other forms of weatherproofing in just about every way.  First and foremost, our cold shrink tubing provides the watertight seal that the connections on these towers need.  Secondly, our cold shrink is able to install in seconds without the need for additional tools.  For towers with dozens upon dozens of cables and quite possibly more than 100 connections in need of weather protection our cold shrink tubing has vastly reduced installation times, oftentimes cutting a full day off of a new tower installation.  Third, AT&T was thrilled to have greater consistency in their weather protection installations, consistency that further reduces the need for maintenance down the road.

WISP Industry

Gamma Products and Services Designed for the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) Industry

Wireless Internet Service Providers, (or more commonly known as WISPs), provide internet service in some of the most rural and difficult environments.  We have encountered many WISPs who share their struggles of protecting cables and connections that are exposed to extreme temperatures while often dealing with issues like snow, ice, and rain.  Given our experience as cable protection and RF weatherproofing experts, we have been happy to take on these extreme weather challenges, and even happier to deliver fantastic results for WISPs around the world.

For those familiar with our products it probably won’t come as a shock to learn of the popularity of our Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing in the WISP market.  We often refer to our silicone cold shrink as the “set it and forget it” form of RF and/or Tower weatherproofing.  Many WISPs have found great success with our silicone cold shrink as it is able to provide watertight protection while also withstanding temperatures as low as -76 degrees farenheit, (-60 celsius), and up to  446 degrees farenheit, (230 celsius).  Our silicone cold shrink has been deployed in snow, ice, rain and it continues to deliver.

We understand however that many WISP’s desire a re-accessible weatherproofing solution.  For this reason we have purposefully designed Slide Locks and RF Weatherproof Boots for Type N connections, knowing the popularity of Type N connections in the WISP world.  We also have silicone cold shrink solutions specifically designed with Type N connections in mind.  We even went so far as to develop a cold shrink solution that was able to work with an LMR 195 sized cable, the SDL-TNS-65.  In order for us to ensure a watertight seal on LMR 195 sized cables, we created our own version of the cable with a thicker, bulkier heat shrink installed on the cable so that when the time came to install cold shrink over the cable/connection, the cold shrink would have no problem grabbing onto that thick heat shrink and creating a watertight seal.  We call this cable the GMR 195 and it is the only LMR 195 cable that can be guaranteed to provide a watertight seal when used with our SDL-TNS-65 cold shrink.

The GMR 195 was one of our early forays into the world of cable assembly and it came about from our customers desire to more easily pair cables with our weatherproofing products.  Since that time we have added a bevy of new cable assemblies, many of which are aimed towards solving problems for the WISP industry.  More recently we released our Rugged, Ultra Low Loss Cable: a cable that easily surpasses the low loss results seen with LMR cables that has the rugged design necessary to withstand WISP environments.  These cables can be kitted with our RF Weatherproof Boots or our Silicone Cold Shrink to provide IP68 rated weather protection alongside ultra low loss cable performance.

To make a long story short: we love the WISP industry and will continue to service it for the foreseeable future.  Check out some of the solutions we provide for the WISP industry below.


ERRCS  (Emergency Responder Radio Communication System) Industry

Gamma Products and Services Designed for the ERRCS Industry

In the high-stakes environment of emergency response, ensuring seamless and reliable communication is paramount. Gamma Electronics has risen to the challenge, dedicating a segment of its innovative product line to meet the specialized needs of the Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) industry. Our mission is to bolster the critical communication infrastructure that supports first responders in their lifesaving efforts.

Adhesive Cable Clips: To support the intricate network of cables necessary for ERRCS, Gamma offers high-quality adhesive cable clips. These clips are engineered for easy installation and strong adherence to a variety of surfaces, ensuring that cables are securely managed and protected against damage. Their design allows for quick adjustments and maintenance, keeping ERRCS networks organized and functional under all conditions.

Plenum Cable: Recognizing the necessity for fire-resistant cabling in emergency communication systems, our plenum-rated cables are designed to meet the strict safety standards required in building codes. These cables are constructed to limit the spread of smoke and fire, making them ideal for use in the ventilation spaces of buildings. Our plenum cables ensure that ERRCS maintain functionality even in the most adverse conditions.

RF Connectors: Our RF connectors are tailored to facilitate reliable connections within ERRCS. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these connectors ensure minimal signal loss and are capable of withstanding the environmental stresses typical in emergency scenarios. Our extensive range of RF connectors supports various cable types and sizes, providing flexible solutions for ERRCS network configurations.

RF Coax Cables: Gamma's RF coaxial cables are specifically designed for high-frequency transmission needs of ERRCS, providing the backbone for critical communication links. These cables feature low attenuation and high shielding effectiveness, crucial for maintaining clear and reliable communication channels. Our RF coax cables are built to perform in extreme conditions, ensuring that first responders remain connected when it matters most.

Additional Solutions for ERRCS: Beyond these core offerings, Gamma Electronics continues to innovate, providing a comprehensive suite of products including weatherproofing solutions, thermal transfer printers for clear labeling, and proprietary software for efficient management of communication infrastructure. Our commitment extends to developing specialized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the ERRCS industry.

Gamma Electronics is proud to support the ERRCS industry with products that meet the high standards of reliability, durability, and performance required for emergency communication systems. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that first responders have the tools they need to communicate effectively, enabling them to save lives and protect our communities. Explore our tailored solutions for the ERRCS industry and discover how we're contributing to a safer, more connected world.