AT&T Approves and Issues CEQ Numbers for Gamma Weatherproofing Products

For the past few years AT&T has been utilizing Gamma Electronics’ Cold Shrink and Slide Locks. In recent weeks AT&T went a step further and issued CEQ numbers for these products to make the purchasing process on these products even easier for telecommunications professionals.  The CEQ numbers are listed below:
Cold Shrink and Slide Lock CEQ Numbers

Cold Shrink

Gamma Part Number AT&T Connector Description



7/16 DIN

Gamma Cold Shrink for 7/16 DIN or 4.3-10 connector; interfaces to 1/2″ Coaxial Cables.




Gamma Cold Shrink for RRU power connector with power cable.

Gamma SDL-1A-125 Cold Shrink
SDL-DC-152 Gamma Cold Shrink

If you’re not familiar with Gamma Cold Shrink please visit our Cold Shrink page and/or watch the short videos below to learn more.

Clam Shell Enclosures 

Gamma Part Number AT&T Connector Description
TS-12/ASP CEQ.41783 7/16 DIN Gamma Slide Lock for 7/16 DIN to ½” Jumper/coaxial cables.
TS-12/4310 CEQ.41785 4.3-10 Gamma Slide Lock for 4.3-10 to ½” Jumper/coaxial cable.


Interior of Gamma Electronics clam shell enclosure

Again, if you’re not familiar with Gamma’s Slide Locks the short videos below can help give you a quick introduction, or you can visit our Slide Locks page.

The Gamma Electronics team is excited to continue to build our relationship with AT&T and to provide the best RF & Tower weatherproofing products available to the telecom and fixed wireless industries.